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KIZOKU - Best Designer Furniture Store in Melaka. In KIZOKU, we selling variety of modern furniture which are affordable and with great quality. If you are the one who would like to have cost-saving on renovation but keen in making the house looks stylish, our furniture could easily cater to your needs.

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Modern, Quality & Affordable Modern, Quality & Affordable

One-Stop Furniture Service

With the variety choices of furniture in our shop, you can easily get the one you love. To keep our products up to date, we committed to continuously update our products to meet our customer requirements.

Our targeted customer base including Designers, Developers, Hotels, Retails, Wholesalers and End Consumers. We strive to provide one-stop furniture service to all of our customers.

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One-Stop Furniture Shop One-Stop Furniture Shop

Great Quality & Fast Delivery

Product quality & delivery time serve as our priority concern. Our experienced quality control team will monitor on products quality before delivery and we can always meet the due date of projects given.

We strive to provide great quality products and fast delivery services to all of our customers.

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Great Quality & Fast Delivery Great Quality & Fast Delivery

Who Should Buy Our Furniture


  • Helping customer to create dream house in one-stop service.


  • Looking for furniture for show unit.
  • Offering show unit package for residents.


  • Looking for modern furniture for the rooms and relevant facilities in the hotel.


  • Looking for cafeteria project furniture or others.


  • Wholesaler of sofa and dining set.


  • Just get the key of new house, planning to go for modern concept.
  • Just get the key of new house, planning to go low-cost of renovation, choose to spend on modern furniture to add value on the house design.
  • Refurbish an existing old house with minimum costing to create a designer concept house.
  • Feeling bored with the existing furniture, wish to go for modern and affordable furniture.
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